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2024 News

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2024-05-04 ♦ Live A/V Show in Rochester

Show flyer

On Saturday, May 4, Andrei and I returned to The Psychic Garden in Rochester, NY to perform live video and sound as REALITY ORP! Our friend Anna Oxygen (Ithaca) also performed a bumping synthwave set. Unfortunately Dr. Hamburger was unable to perform, but fellow Rochester locals Shonen Book were able to hop on at the last moment with a fever dream of feedback-laden visuals mixed with Donkey Kong. It was a memorable night. Many thanks to Taimur for holding down the Psychic Garden fort as well!

📺 Watch a recording of our performance: Youtube | Peertube

2024-03-09 ♦ Introducing Zine Club!

Zine Club

Zine Club is the culmination of some ideas I've had brewing for a while. I wanted to start making more physical objects and mailing them to people, and I also wanted to start something like a Patreon but without actually using that platform. After fleshing out the details and creating a new page on my site, it's now ready for launch! If you're interested in receiving mysterious virtual or physical objects at regular intervals throughout the year, and supporting my ability to spend more time making weird art, check it out at the link below...

🌐 More info/subscribe:

2024-03-03 ♦ Workshop in Rochester

Photo of people creating analog video feedback at Rochester workshop

On Sunday, March 3, my art collective, Phase Shift, led an Intro to Live Visuals workshop at The Psychic Garden in Rochester, NY. Rochester has a strong DIY community, and many local folks found their way to the event, as well as a few from Buffalo and Alfred. We had a full house, but luckily we also had a few extra helping hands from Evan and Max.

The Psychic Garden is located inside a row of unmarked warehouse spaces near the Genessee River. There were a number of video installations in the space, so it was an inspiring environment for people to learn about video art, since they could see some cool applications of the medium at the same time. After the event, we visited the space of Rathaus Press, a risograph print studio run by Evan in an adjacent building.

We are already planning our next visit to Rochester and looking forward to getting involved with more of the cool things that are happening there. Thanks to Cameron, Evan, and The Psychic Garden for having us.

2024-02-29 ♦ Silvering Toward Invisible

Poster for Silvering Toward Invisible

Thursday, February 29, was the opening of Silvering Toward Invisible, a group exhibition at Speedwell Contemporary in Portland, ME, presented by Lights Out. The show features my audiovisual work along with photography (often of glowing spiderwebs in the dark) by Peah Guilmoth, minimal textured landscapes in charcoal by Emily Nelligan, and poetry by Kristen Case.

Silvering Toward Invisible is driven by poetry, both visual and written. During this season the light is changing, and the warmth of the sun is slowly returning. We begin to hunger for spring, though it is months away. We look for evidence of its signs, but a thick white blanket of snow still covers the ground. We can see the contours of the landscape through the trees. At this time the world is at its most stark and elegant and takes on the impressions of our imaginations. This show will harness the returning light, the receding darkness, and the bare, suggestive quality of the landscape waiting to undergo monumental change. Viewers will encounter moments of brightness, velvety darkness, and a deep poetic primality waiting to erupt from beneath the surface.

🌐 More info:

2024-02-24 ♦ Mall Magic

Installation at Mall Magic

On Saturday, February 24, Andrei and I (Phase Shift Collective) created an interactive video installation at a pop-up event hosted by Anna Oxygen in a disused retail space at a dying mall in Ithaca, NY.

At the event, Anna performed an experimental run-through of The Shapes We Leave Behind, a strange livestream performance in which she greenscreens herself, wearing various sculptural costumes created by collaborator Fawn Krieger, into a surreal video-game-esque landscape filled with glitchy 3D scanned statues of herself, while also singing and performing electronic music.

The night ended with a dance party to 80s disco music, with people dancing inside the video feedback loop of our installation.

Anna was able to briefly take over this former storefront space in a mostly empty shopping mall, inserting herself and her artwork into an appropriately liminal venue during a sabbatical from her professorship. Thanks to Anna for inviting us to be a part of this unusual show.

2024-02-16 ♦ Collaborative A/V Performance w/ Matthew Ryals

Audiovisual performance at The Avalon

On Friday February 16, I performed a collaborative audiovisual set with Matthew Ryals at The Avalon Lounge in Catskill, NY. Matthew and I have collaborated before, so when I found out that he would be performing in the area, I eagerly joined the bill. Combining modular video synthesis and camera feedback, I was able to incorporate control voltage signal's from Matthew's audio synths, introducing synesthetic interaction between the sound and video.

Other performers included The Early from Philadelphia, and Friends Meeting, ambient duo project of Ben Seretan and M. Geddes Gengras. It was a lovely evening of dreamy experimental sound. At the end, The Early and Friends Meeting joined together for a rather epic jam. The show was also broadcast live on Wave Farm's WGXC.

2024-01-26 ♦ Artist Talk at Luck Dragon

Photo of various sound-making devices

On January 26, I presented and discussed some excerpts of my audiovisual artworks at an event called Sound at Luck Dragon, in Delhi, NY.

Sound is a monthly event at Luck Dragon, in which two artists or musicians present and talk about their work, followed by a period of group discussion. In this way, artists and sonic practitioners are brought into conversation with both each other, and the local community. The other presenter for this edition was Sam Tellman, who talked about his research and design journey toward creating a new kind of piano that's more lightweight and user-serviceable.

Luck Dragon is an art supply shop that also hosts community events. It was cool to visit this space because the people who run it also have an open-source audio hardware company, a pottery studio, various artist spaces, and a private occult library in the same building. Delhi is about an hour west of where I'm currently based, so I'm hoping to spend more time there in the coming months. Thanks to Brian for inviting me.

🌐 Visit Luck Dragon's website: