I am an electronic media artist based in Brooklyn, NY. My work combines experimental hardware techniques, electronic signals, and material processes with computer programming and digital systems. I am especially interested in feedback loops and other phenomena that can result in self-propagation and evolution of organic patterns and structures through iterative processes. My sonic and visual material forms spatial environments that manifest in single and multi channel compositions, performances, and installations.

I received a BFA in Visual Arts and Computer Science from Purchase College in 2014, and an MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts at Alfred University in 2020 (view my thesis portfolio and book here), with independent studies in math and physics. I have shown work internationally at venues such as Spectacle Theater (Brooklyn), Monk Space (Los Angeles), VIVO Media Arts Centre (Vancouver), Arebyte Gallery (London), and Kirchner Cultural Centre (Argentina), and events such as Ibrida*Pluri Festival (Montreal), Vector Hack Festival (Croatia), and Flat Earth Film Festival (Iceland).

I sometimes produce small editions of physical media (such as prints, art books, and cassettes). I also often engage in collaborative projects and events. I am a member of the Bureau of Fugitive Dream Recovery and an organizer of Télépresence. I co-created the web forum Scanlines.xyz and am a co-conspirator at Phase Space.

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