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2023-09-09 ♦ Workshop in Seattle

Poster for Seattle workshop

On September 9, we led our Phase Shift Intro to Live Visuals workshop at Patchwerks, a synth boutique in Seattle. This was our biggest group so far on this tour, with almost 30 people attending. Luckily, we had assistance from local artists & people from the video community, and everyone had an excellent time collaborating and exploring analog video feedback with cameras and mixers, optical effects, and liquids.

Many thanks to Connie Fu, SleepPattern, and Tesseractive for helping facilitate and lending equipment!

2023-08-15 ♦ Inspiration from the Forest Floor

Lichens on the surface of a stone

While camping in the national forests in Wyoming and Montana, I spent some time looking closely at the many forms of moss, lichen, fungi, and flora inhabiting the forest floor. Since much of my artwork draws inspiration from the intersection between the organic and the algorithmic, I decided to take a macro lens and try to document some of this wealth of fascinating tiny landscapes and patterns, for later reference and admiration. Here are some of my favorites.

2023-07-20 ♦ Workshop in Minneapolis

Demonstrating video feedback techniques at Minneapolis workshop

On July 20, we led a Phase Shift video art workshop at a public library in Minneapolis. With the help of our local artist friends, we were able to set up six stations for exploration of video feedback with cameras, processors, and mixers. Since Minneapolis has a thriving a/v art scene, there was a lot of interest, and many people came to participate. I also had an amazing time jamming with a bunch of people the following weekend.

Many thanks to our friends Shawna Lee, Erik Tinberg, Chris LeBlanc, Charles Hainsworth, and others who helped out with things!

2023-07-01 ♦ Workshop in Iowa City

Me demonstrating liquid light show techniques at Iowa City workshop

On July 1st, we led another Phase Shift video art workshop in Iowa City at Public Space One. I've never been to Iowa City before, so it was quite fun to meet so many folks there from the experimental art / noise music scene. We greatly appreciated PHOSPHENES for booking the space and hosting us, and everyone who brought over gear for the workshop. I look forward to visiting again some time!

2023-06-18 ♦ Phase Shift Residency at FEED

Phase Shift performance at FEED

In late June, I did a 1-week artist residency with Andrei Jay and Kevin Kripper as Phase Shift Collective at FEED, a new media art center in Erie, Pennsylvania. We did a live performance and art installation, and led a video art workshop. It was an interesting space and location, and we look forward to visiting again some day to see how this new space will evolve.

2023-06-13 ♦ Traveling + Life Updates

The phase shift van

For the past few years, I've been living in Brooklyn, working a full-time tech job, and helping run a video art studio and collective called Phase Space out of my basement. Now, I've left the city and started a six-month road trip across the USA and back with my partner & collaborator, Andrei. Since we have left Brooklyn for the foreseeable future, Phase Space has come to a close after four excellent years of offering workshops, events, and community. However, some of my friends and I are working on some new projects which will continue the spirit of Phase in two ways...

First of these is Phase Shift Collective, which consists of Andrei and myself teaching workshops, attending artist residencies, and visiting art spaces across the country as we travel. You can find out more on our new website for this (also lovingly hand-coded with plain html/css):


Secondly, me, Andrei, and our friends Tim Caldwell and Sean Hallowell have started Polyphase Portal, a DIY, collectively-run online school that hosts workshops, classes, and talks. We already have some classes on the schedule, and I hope to lead an online workshop in the next few months on making simple, hand-coded websites in HTML and CSS that bring back some of the magic of the early internet. Polyphase is online at:


We've only just started our road trip, and we are deliberately moving quite slowly, but we'll be on the west coast by September, and then driving back and spending most of the winter in upstate New York. Our first major stop will be at a 1-week residency later this month at FEED, a new art center in Erie, Pennsylvania, founded by Benton C Bainbridge.

I am hoping that these life changes will will lead to more time and energy spent on creative and independent projects, and I'm looking forward to spending more time in nature and meeting like-minded people in different parts of the country. I find my lifestyle is becoming more and more offline and low-tech, but I also want to stay connected and share what I'm up to, so stay tuned for more updates over the next few months!

2023-05-06 ♦ OUT OF PHASE at Phase Space

Out of Phase show flyer

On Saturday, May 6, we hosted our last show at Phase Space before moving out (more on that soon). I performed live ambient music for a collaborative a/v set with Andrei Jay as REALITY ORP. Our friend 식료품groceries did a set as well! As always, there were a variety of installations on view throughout the event, and we also had tarot readings.

We will miss organizing events here in Brooklyn, but our friends are taking over the space and continuing to do cool stuff there, while Andrei and I are hitting the road for a cross country tour. So this was also a bit of a going away party, and a final hurrah for Phase Space as we know it.

📺 Watch a recording of our performance as REALITY ORP: Youtube | Yewtube