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2019 News

Here are some things I did in 2019. To stay updated, subscribe to my email newsletter, or visit my now page!

2019-12-21 ♦ Performance at SOLSTICE

I did a solo a/v set at the opening of SOLSTICE, an exhibition of light art works at Flux Factory, organized and curated by Jonathan Sims. The opening took place on the night of the winter solstice, and the opening was marked by 4 a/v performances by me, Testu Collective, ÉMU (Maria Takeuchi), and Night Shining. The performances and installations of light works complemented each other amazingly and I was thrilled to be a part of it all.

🌐 More info:

🌐 Exhibition review:

📺 Video documentation of my set: Youtube | Peertube


I am very excited to share this album I made with Andrei Jay, titled: APPALACHIAN VORTEX TOUR. Near the end of summer, we went on a camping road trip through the Appalachians in search of caves, hollows, and other basins of vortex energy in the forest. I brought my field recorder and my shortwave radio, and Andrei brought two Volca FM synthesizers, and we recorded a series of jams at various locations along the way. We were able to pick up electromagnetic interference within the shortwave bands from the built-in amplifier circuits in the Volcas, making the radio act as a kind of extra amplifier which added unique distortions and textures.

The sounds of the environment also became part of the recordings, so you can hear crickets, running water, wind, other humans, natural reverb of stone and metal, and the spatialized presence of the built-in speakers of the volcas, intertwined with signals drifting in and out from shortwave broadcasts.

The album art, a map of the vortexes we toured, was drawn electronically and then plotted with a robotic drawing machine in the expanded media department at Alfred University.

🔈 Listen to the album: Bandcamp

2019-06-01 ♦ Télépresence III

On June 1, we held the third edition of Télépresence at La Lumière's collective space in Montreal. It was so lovely to hang with my fellow video artists, and to perform as 1/2 of Fugitive Dream Recovery during the evening's a/v show. Here are some photos from people's setups during the tabling portion, as well as the performances.

2019-03-22 ♦ Performance at 6 Unusual A/V Sets

On Friday, March 22, I did a set at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, along with 5 other amazing solo a/v acts. This was an exciting show for me because it brought together a group of artists who each have a unique approach to audiovisual performance. The show was co-organized by all the performers around a visit from Helsinki-based artist and educator Derek Holzer.

2019-02-26 ♦ Collaborative Performance w/ Killick Hinds

On Tuesday 2/26, I did a collaborative a/v performance in the Turner Gallery at Alfred University with guest musician Killick Hinds. The show was accompanied by an artist talk for the Foundations students the following day.

📺 Video documentation of our set: Youtube | Peertube

2019-02-18 ♦ Performing Media Exhibition

From February 18 through March 9, my work was installed as part of Performing Media Exhibition at IU South Bend Gallery, in South Bend, Indiana. This exhibition was part of Performing Media Festival, and represented an international selection of artists focusing on real-time media, including Christopher Biggs, Ted Davis, Mathew Schlanger, James Connolly, Karl Erickson, Sara Goodman, Debora Bernagozzi & Jason Bernagozzi, Kevin Kripper, Jonathan Gillie, Toby Kaufmann-Buhler, and myself.

A reception and talk was held on February 28, followed by the rest of the festival, including two nights of live performances.