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2018 News

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2018-10-20 ♦ Performance at Transient Visions

On Saturday, October 20, I did a solo experimental a/v performance at Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, held at Spool Mfg. in Johnson City, NY. My performance closed out the festival following an evening of experimental film screenings.

📺 Watch a recording of my set: Youtube | Yewtube

2018-09-20 ♦ Post Analog:: Exhibition Opening

Post Analog, an exhibition of new print and video works by me and fellow media artist Sara Goodman, opened on September 20th in Portland, OR! The show was curated by Sarah Turner, and will be up at Grapefruits Art Space until October 21. During the opening celebration, there was a live transmission-based sound performance by drc // erc, a collaborative duo of local experimental musicians Darcy Neal and Erin Cooper.

Event page for the opening:

Many thanks to Drew Pauper of BPMC for doing a lovely write-up on the blog:

Post Analog:: Paloma Kop & Sara Goodman
Grapefruits Art Space (2119 N Kerby, Suite D)
Opening: September 20, 6-9pm
Performance on opening night @ 8pm by:: drc // erc
Exhibition runs: September 20-October 21
Curated by Sarah Turner

2018-08-23 ♦ Performance at Trans-Pecos

I performed an experimental A/V set as sleepwalks, as well as providing visuals for the rest of the acts, at this show at Trans-Pecos in Brooklyn. It was fun to collaborate with some touring artists from Minneapolis, and the collaborative set by Machine Girl and Bonnie Baxter (of Kill Alters) had people dancing so hard I felt as though the floor might collapse. For me, this show was a way to say goodbye to Brooklyn, as I prepared to move upstate for grad school.

2018-07-26 ♦ Performance at Secret Project Robot

On July 27th, I performed an experimental audio-visual set as sleepwalks at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn. The show was organized by euglossine, an experimental musician from Gainesville, Florida. I enjoyed setting up a cave-like spatialized projection environment and filling it with warm synth sounds and evolving video textures.

2018-05-04 ♦ VISIBILITY Exhibition in Buenos Aires

My work is included in this exhibition at the Kirchner Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which opened on May 4. The show features six female experimental audiovisual artists from different countries, including Blanca Rego (Spain), Modular Dreams (Brazil), Sol del Río (Argentina), AGF poemproducer (Germany), Sabrina Ratté (Canada), VJ Um Amel (Egypt), and myself (United States). It was curated by Milena Pafundi.

Here is a rough translation of the description (originally in Spanish): Visibility is a disruptive sample because it brings together the power of women's work in the field of audiovisual experimentation. It is about artists that are also the representation of many others that are out there producing and simply can not be seen, because we still have to deconstruct prejudices around minority women / trans / non-binary in relation to technology, art, and their presence in formal spaces: the works of women usually take place only on the internet.

2018-04-21 ♦ Performance at Ambient Church: Malcolm Cecil & Steve Moore

On Saturday, April 21, I performed video for a concert at a church in Brooklyn, NY featuring ambient electronic music sets by Malcolm Cecil (formerly of TONTO's Expanding Head Band) and Steve Moore (of Zombi). I output two channels of live analog video, which corresponded to layers of projection mapping in the architectural environment. I loved helping to create such an immersive and transportive audiovisual experience, and I hope to incorporate projection mapping in future performances. Many thanks to Ambient Church for inviting me.

2018-04-07 ♦ Télépresence II

On Saturday, April 7, I organized the second edition of Télépresence, a yearly conference of analog video artists and evening of audio visual performance. I also performed as 1/2 of Fugitive Dream Recovery, a collaborative side project. We held a tabling session for artists to show the methods and devices they use to manipulate video signals, then hosted an evening of a/v performances.

It was amazing to hang with artists and engineers from all across the U.S. and Canada, and very rewarding to get the chance to help facilitate creative cross-pollination around the medium of video. Many thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.

2018-02-12 ♦ Screening at Flat Earth Film Festival

On Monday, February 12, my Psychokinesis series was screened at Flat Earth Film Festival in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland. The film festival took place in the days leading up to List í ljósi, a light art festival held during the darkest time of the year.

🌐 More info:

2018-01-04 ♦ Live performance at H0L0

A photo from a memorable, nearly-cancelled a/v performance at H0L0 in Ridgewood, Queens during a blizzard on January 4. The only other performers who were able to make it to the venue in the icy conditions were Rue Bainbridge. A number of guests were also able to make their way through the snow to watch. The result was a very special and intimate atmosphere.