Paloma Kop

From Material Space(time) into Electronic Space(time): Interfaces, Signals, Hybridizations

MFA Thesis of Paloma Kop
Alfred University, 2020

During my studies at Alfred University, I developed a body of work called Space(time) Thresholds and wrote a book about my practice and ideas. The work combines analog and digital signal processing with material-based processes such as light refraction, cymatics, ferrofluid, electromagnets, and other multimedia experiments. The book is an exploration of how we as humans move between these hybrid spaces, breaking down illusory barriers between electronic art, traditional media, and scientific curiosity.

Thesis Book

The book is freely accessible as a PDF file. You can also order a printed book via print-on-demand.

Thesis Works

The following artworks from Space(time) Thresholds are currently viewable online. Most are on Youtube, and some are also here on my website.



Programming Material