Paloma Kop

About Paloma Kop

I am an experimental multimedia artist and ambient musician from Woodstock, New York. My work often uses electronic media, from analog video and synthesizers to digital systems, as well as various physical materials and processes. I am especially interested in feedback loops, recursion, fluid dynamics, self-organizing and emergent structures, patterns in nature, psychedelia, and embodied sensory experience. I also practice and lead Buddhist meditation and yoga.

I received a BFA in Visual Arts and Computer Science from Purchase College in 2014, and an MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts at Alfred University in 2020 (my thesis can be found here), with independent studies in math and physics. I have shown work and performed regularly since about 2016 at spaces and events such as Ambient Church (NYC), Eastern Bloc (Montréal), /'fu:bar/ Festival (Zagreb), Maverick Concert Hall (Woodstock), and Ann Arbor Film Festival (Michigan). I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training at Kalā Yoga in Brooklyn, and the Yearlong Buddhist Studies course at Dharma Moon.

Community and collaboration are very important to me. I helped create the online forum and I help run Polyphase Portal, a collective-run online space for hosting workshops and educational programs.

I am currently traveling around the USA in a van, doing artist residencies and teaching workshops with my partner Andrei Jay as Phase Shift Collective.

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