2021.04.20  Scanlines Birthday Showcase

On April 20th, we had a community screening to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the founding of scanlines.xyz!

Last year, I teamed up with Andrei Jay, Cyberboy666, and Olivia Jack to create a new forum to discuss diy video and audio projects. Over the past year, the community has evolved in unexpected ways, and we now maintain a chat platform, a custom livestreaming service, and a peertube video hosting setup, all on our own infrastructure. I really value having this community around experimental video art that’s outside of the advertising-ridden hellscape of corporate social media.

It was great to everyone’s work at the screening! See the link below for more info about the event:

On a related note, I’ve been hanging out on Mastodon more lately. Mastodon is an open source social network that is made up of many small servers which all share data with each other.

I helped my friend Wakest set up a small mastodon server called Autonomous.zone. Find my profile at this link:

2021.03.27  Performance at Ann Arbor Film Festival

On Saturday, March 27, I did a livestreamed performance for the 2021 edition of the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Several fellow Signal Culture community members were also featured this year, including Kit Young, Scott Kiernan, and Jason Bernagozzi.

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is the oldest avant-garde and experimental film festival in North America, founded by George Manupelli in 1963. Internationally recognized as a premiere forum for independent filmmakers and artists, each year's festival engages audiences with remarkable cinematic experiences. The six-day festival presents 40 programs with more than 180 films from over 20 countries of all lengths and genres, including experimental, animation, documentary, fiction, and performance-based works.

A full recording of my set can be viewed at this link:

2021.03.14  Performance at ChaShaMa Residency Space

On Sunday, March 14, I performed at Testu Collective’s ChaShaMa residency space in the Brooklyn Navy Yards. I performed a solo a/v set and then participated in our group jam session at the end. It was very nice to be able to collaborate with other artists in my local community, and we look forward to organizing more public events once that becomes possible.


My piece, Magnetic Field Recordings, was screened in a room curated by Testu Collective within the Common Multiverse Initiative, a volunteer-run online event hosted by Currents.fm involving a constellation of artists around the world. 

Testu Collective are an intermedia art collective that creates experimental videos, concept soundtracks, and audiovisual installations/performances. Testu Collective’s curated A/V Room in COMMON MULTIVERSE INITIATIVE focuses on diversity of sonic and visual artists and a mix of analog and digital techniques. The audience is taken on a sonic adventure from lush field recordings to modular synth electro-scapes to brutal ambient. Visuals range from video feedback manipulation to otherworldly audio-reactive designs created in TouchDesigner to sci-fi landscapes created by cymatics. Their room featured performances by ÉMU + Insomniac Hotel, Im_pakt, The Josh Craig, Fernando Molina, Paloma Kop, Toru Izumida, Testu Collective, Chaka Benson, ACE + Detroit Bureau of Sound.

Visit our collective on Currents.fm at this link:

2020.12.13  SPACE(TIME) THRESHOLDS Virtual Opening


virtual opening ◑ book release ◓ a/v performance

My online MFA thesis exhibition, SPACE(TIME) THRESHOLDS virtually opened on Sunday, December 13. This body of work was created during my studies in Electronic Integrated Arts at Alfred University from 2018-2020.

I also released the accompanying book, From Material Space(time) into Electronic Space(time), which serves as my written thesis and a window into my process. Printed books are available to order, and the digital PDF is linked as well.

I performed a livestreamed a/v set to celebrate and bring in a realtime component. It incorporated video and sound elements from the exhibition, manipulated and remixed live.

The exhibition, book, and performance can be found at this link: