2019.05.01  New video: DECOHERENCE

DECOHERENCE is a new audiovisual composition I made using sound waves, water, interference patterns, and granular and spectral processing. The full piece can be viewed here:

2019.04.20  New collaborative video: MEMORY POOL

MEMORY POOL is an audiovisual piece made in collaboration with Andrei Jay. It was created by sending FM synth sounds through a speaker with a dish of water affixed to it, then capturing the resulting image with a security camera and sending it through video mixer & feedback processes. The full piece can be viewed here:

2019.04.19  Performance at Alfred University

On Friday, April 19, I did a solo performance at Alfred University’s School of Art+Design as part of an a/v night featuring Institute for Electronic Arts artist in residence Siew-Wai Kok in collaboration with Expanded Media undergrads, as well as performances by Carrier Band and my colleague Leslie Rollins.

A recording of my performance can be watched here:

2019.03.22  Performance at 6 Unusual A/V Sets

On Friday, March 22, I did a set at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, along with 5 other amazing solo a/v acts. This was an exciting show for me because it brought together a group of artists who each have a unique approach to audiovisual performance. The show was organized by the artists around a visit from Helsinki-based artist and educator Derek Holzer.

2019.03.08  New Video: Chère Chambre

A new audio-visual composition created using raster manipulation and modular synthesizers, titled: Chère Chambre