2019.04.20  New collaborative video: MEMORY POOL

MEMORY POOL is an audiovisual piece made in collaboration with Andrei Jay. It was created by sending FM synth sounds through a speaker with a dish of water affixed to it, then capturing the resulting image with a security camera and sending it through video mixer & feedback processes. The full piece can be viewed here:

2019.04.19  Performance at Alfred University

On Friday, April 19, I did a solo performance at Alfred University’s School of Art+Design as part of an a/v night featuring Institute for Electronic Arts artist in residence Siew-Wai Kok in collaboration with Expanded Media undergrads, as well as performances by Carrier Band and my colleague Leslie Rollins.

2019.03.22  Performance at 6 Unusual A/V Sets

On Friday, March 22, I did a set at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, along with 5 other amazing solo a/v acts. This was an exciting show for me because it brought together a group of artists who each have a unique approach to audiovisual performance. The show was organized by the artists around a visit from Helsinki-based artist and educator Derek Holzer.

2019.03.08  New Video: Chère Chambre

A new audio-visual composition created using raster manipulation and modular synthesizers, titled: Chère Chambre

2019.02.26  Collaborative Performance w/ Killick Hinds

On Tuesday 2/26, I did a collaborative a/v performance in the Turner Gallery at Alfred University with guest musician Killick Hinds. The show was accompanied by an artist talk for the Foundations students the following day. Some excerpts from the show can be seen & heard below: