2018.11.01  Experiments in Public

Each day in the month of November, I have decided to create a new experimental audio-visual piece. I will be publishing them daily along with an explanation of the methods I used to create them. You can read a little more about my intentions and see each new piece here:

2018.10.20  Performance at Transient Visions

On Saturday, October 20, I did a solo experimental a/v performance as sleepwalks at Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, held at Spool Mfg. in Johnson City, NY. My performance closed out the festival following an evening of experimental film screenings.

A full-length recording of my set can be viewed here:

2018.10.16  Fugitive Dream Recovery — Cascading Bits

On October 16, we released a new video piece titled CASCADING BITS under Fugitive Dream Recovery, a collaborative experimental a/v project consisting of me and Bobby Pharaoh. It can be watched at the link below:

2018.10.03  Installation at Stull Observatory

On October 3, I did a pop-up style projection-mapping installation at the Stull Astronomical Observatory. More info can be found here: