2019.06.18  FUGITIVE DREAM RECOVERY: Experiments 2016-2018 VHS

Experiments 2016-2018 is a 60 minute VHS tape by my collaborative side project Fugitive Dream Recovery, released under Bleu Nuit Video.

More details can be found here:

2019.06.21  Upcoming exhibition at SPACES

From June 21 to August 2, selected audio-visual works from my series Experiments in Public will be on view at SPACES in Cleveland, OH, in an immersive viewing chamber called the Vault.

For more info, visit this link:

And here is a link to the opening reception on June 21:

2019.06.01  Télépresence III

On June 1, we held the third edition of Télépresence at La Lumière’s collective space in Montreal. It was so lovely to hang with my fellow video artists, and to perform as 1/2 of Fugitive Dream Recovery during the evening’s a/v show. Here are some photos from people’s setups during the tabling portion, as well as the performances.

2019.05.01  New video: DECOHERENCE

DECOHERENCE is a new audiovisual composition I made using sound waves, water, interference patterns, and granular and spectral processing.

The full piece can be viewed here:

2019.04.20  New collaborative video: MEMORY POOL

MEMORY POOL is an audiovisual piece made in collaboration with Andrei Jay. It was created by sending FM synth sounds through a speaker with a dish of water affixed to it, then capturing the resulting image with a security camera and sending it through video mixer & feedback processes.

The full piece can be viewed here: