2018.02.18  Performing Media Exhibition

From February 18 through March 9, my work will be installed as part of the Performing Media Exhibition at IU South Bend Gallery, in South Bend, Indiana. The exhibition is part of the Performing Media Festival, and represents an international selection of artists focusing on real-time media, including Christopher Biggs, Ted Davis, Mathew Schlanger, James Connolly, Karl Erickson, Sara Goodman, Debora Bernagozzi & Jason Bernagozzi, Kevin Kripper, Jonathan Gillie, Toby Kaufmann-Buhler, and myself.

A reception and talk will be held on February 28. More info at this event page: facebook.com/events/326256931565021/

2018.01.28  New video: Glyph City

I’ve made a new short audio-visual piece titled: Glyph City. You can watch the full piece at this link:

2018.01.25  New collaborative video: WOODWAVEWORMROSE

WOODWAVEWORMROSE is an audiovisual piece made in collaboration with Andrei Jay. It was mostly recorded in one improvisational session. The full piece can be viewed here:

2018.11.01  Experiments in Public

Each day in the month of November, I have decided to create a new experimental audio-visual piece. I will be publishing them daily along with an explanation of the methods I used to create them. You can read a little more about my intentions and see each new piece here:

2018.10.20  Performance at Transient Visions

On Saturday, October 20, I did a solo experimental a/v performance at Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, held at Spool Mfg. in Johnson City, NY. My performance closed out the festival following an evening of experimental film screenings.

A full-length recording of my set can be viewed here: