b. 1991 NYC


2020  MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts, Alfred University, NY

2014  BFA in Visual Arts, Focus in New Media, Minor in Math & Computer Science, Purchase College, NY

2011  Fine Arts Foundation Program, School of Visual Arts, NY

2010  iNDIE Video Art Program, Woodstock, NY


2020  Space(time) Thresholds (MFA thesis show), Online Exhibiton (link)

2019  Experiments in Public, SPACES, Cleveland, OH (link)

2018  Post Analog, Grapefruits Art Space, Portland, OR, Curated by Sarah Turner (w/ Sara Goodman)

2014  UTF-∞: Symbolics of the Unknown, Boys Club, Berlin, DE (w/ Liaizon Wakest)

2014  GLØØM (BFA thesis show), Forum Artspace, NY


2022  Videosyntezy 2022 at Intermediale Festival, Galleria Ring, Legnica, PL, Curated by Małgorzata Dancewicz

2022  Supernova 7th Dimension Festival, Presented by Denver Digerati, Denver, CO

2022  Re:Karya International Video Festival Exhibition, Satria Gallery, Telkom Institute of Technology Purwokerto, ID

2022  Installation at Wonderville’s Third Birthday, Wonderville, Brooklyn, NY

2021  Screening at Vidicon Festival, Berlin, DE & Online

2021  Vector Hack Screening Program at 27th MFRU - International Festival of Computer Arts, Maribor, SI

2021  Currents.fm Common Multiverse Initiative, Online Screening, Curated by Testu Collective (NY)

2021  Solace Artists Series, Storefront video installation at Testu Collective residency, ChaShaMa, Brooklyn, NY

2020  Videosyntezy Exhibition at Intermediale Festival, Galleria Ring, Legnica, PL, Curated by Małgorzata Dancewicz

2020  Screening at Vector Hack Festival, Exportdrvo, Rijeka, HR

2020  Light Year 65: Solace, Projected on the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn, NY

2020  Summer Series, A streaming program presented by Coaxial Arts, Los Angeles, CA

2020  Metacognition, Spring/Break Art Show, New York, NY, Curated by Tali Hinkis and Robin Kang

2020  PanLux, A screening presented by HEARding Cats Collective, St. Louis Central Library, MO, Curated by Kevin Harris

2019-2020  The Wrong Epicentre, 20+ locations across Comunitat Valenciana, ES, Curated by David Quiles Guilló (link)

2019  Philadelphia Pavilion, The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale, Philadelphia, PA, Curated by Tyler Kline

2019  Screening at /’fu:bar/ Glitcͥh Art Festi̯val 20̣̼͘19̡, AKC Attack, Zagreb, HR, Curated by Vedran Gligo

2019  Screening at Interference Fest: Women Making Noise, The North Door, Austin, TX, Curated by Tara Bhattacharya Reed

2019  Screening at A/V Evening, Rhizome DC, Washington, DC, Curated by Pat Cain

2019  Video Worship, Comfort Station, Chicago, IL, Curated by Sara Goodman

2019  Performing Media Exhibition, IU South Bend Gallery, IN, Curated by Eric Souther

2018  Signal Flo, SL8 Gallery, Gainesville, FL, Curated by Nic Silvestris

2018  Visibility, Kirchner Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires, AR, Curated by Milena Pafundi (link)

2018  Flat Earth Film Festival, Seyðisfjörður, IS, Curated by Arndis Yr Hansdottír and Austin Thomasson

2017  Experimental Film Festival, The Buffs, Middlesbrough, UK, Curated by Aimee Louise Suggitt

2017  Ende Tymes 8: Novo Apocalypso, Outpost Artists Resources, NY, Curated by Bob Bellerue

2017  Generator Pop Up Exhibition, Richmond, VA, Curated by Gen Ken Montgomery

2017  Snds Like Voices, Digital Art Demo Space, Chicago, IL, Curated by Jon Cates

2016-2017  VISPO a}hoy, Touring exhibition: Aachen - Studiengalerie Stadt Aachen, Monschau - Aukloster Monschau, Geilenkirchen - Haus Basten, Nettersheim: Kulturbahnhof (KUBA), Düren - Museum Schloss Burgau, DE, Curated by Claudia Franken

2016  Living Breathing, Monk Space, Los Angeles, CA, Curated by 3 Ton Cinema

2016  Glitch, Backspace, Fayetteville, AR, Curated by Helen Maringer and Art of the Glitch

2016  Virtual Dream, Online Exhibition, Curated by Haydi Roket (Istanbul)

2016  Des Formes Obliques, Gallery T, Online Exhibition, Curated by Nikolas Koroloff (FR)

2016  r4w.EɌ̶Ɍ̶.b1t5!, TCC Chicago, IL, Curated by Jon Cates

2016  Books - London Edition, Arebyte Gallery, London, UK, Curated by David Quiles-Guilló (ES)

2015  Semiotic Recipes VHS Compilation Screening, Spectacle Theater, NY

2015  Unstable Signal: Glitch Video Screening, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, Canada

2015  Hypermedia Dreams Pavilion, The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale, Curated by Haydi Roket (TR)

2015  International Video Art Exhibition, Synesthesia Festival, Portland, OR


2022  Phase Space Collective visiting artist workshop for TV Club class (prof. Anna Oxygen), Hamilton College, NY

2022  Video mixing & feedback workshop for Realtime class (prof. Monica Panzarino), NYU Tandon School of Engineering, NY

2021  Artist talk, discussion, and screening for Digital Dish series, Ljudmila Lab, Ljubljana, SI & Online

2021  Interactive workshop and collaborative performance with Phase Space Collective, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

2020  Visiting artist talk for Realtime class (Prof. James Conolly), SAIC, Chicago, IL

2020  Modulating Material, Artist talk at Vector Hack Festival, Rijeka, HR & Online

2020  Graduate Assistantship, Speculative Design (Prof. Eric Souther), Alfred University, NY

2019  Assistance & Documentation, Vector Synthesis Workshop w/ Derek Holzer, Harvestworks, NY

2019  Artist talk for first-year BFA students, Division of Foundations, Alfred University, NY

2019  Graduate Assistantship, Institute for Electronic Arts, Alfred University, NY

2018  Graduate Assistantship, Junior Video (Prof. Peer Bode), Alfred University, NY

2017  Artist talk via Skype, Digital Animation for Young Artists taught by Paula Morales, San Francisco Art Institute, CA

2016  Asemic Media: Conversations on Nonsense (in collab w. Liaizon Wakest), Uxi Duxi, New Orleans, LA

2015  Glitch Art Workshop, KazGASA University, Kazakhstan

2014  Undergraduate Assistantship, Programming for Visual Artists (Prof. Joe McKay), Purchase College, NY

2013  Undergraduate Assistantship, Art in the Age of Electronic Media (Prof. Liz Phillips), Purchase College, NY


2019  Co-Organizer, TÉLÉPRESENCE III Experimental Video Hardware Expo and A/V Performances, La Lumière, Montréal

2018  Organizer, TÉLÉPRESENCE II Experimental Video Hardware Expo and A/V Performances, H0L0, NY

2017  Co-Organizer, TÉLÉPRESENCE Experimental Video Hardware Expo and A/V Performances, La Lumière, Montréal

2016  Co-Curator, NOOTROPIC AUTOMAT Pavilion, The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale, New Orleans & Online

2014  Co-Curator and Coordinator, Zinefeast Small Press Festival, NY

2013  Curator, Glitch Art Show, Installation Space at Purchase College, NY


2020-2022  Co-creator, Scanlines, an online discussion forum for DIY A/V (link)

2020-2022  Co-organizer, Phase Space, a DIY multimedia art studio and collective (link)


2017  Artist in Residence, Signal Culture, Owego, NY

2014  Web-Based Art Residency, O.Foundation, Berlin, DE


2020  From Material Space(time) into Electronic Space(time): Interfaces, Simulations, Hybridizations, MFA thesis book/catalog, self-published in edition of 130 (link)

2020  Solace, Audiovisual compilation curated by Maria Takeuchi & Testu Collective, NY (Benefit for Covid-19)

2018  Semiotic Recipes: Vol. III, Video anthology curated by Cryptic Carousel, NY

2017  Field recordings, Good Point Podcast, Eps. 46 & 87, Hosted by Rafaël Rozendaal and Jeremy Bailey, NY & Toronto

2017  Here Comes Everybody (Eps. 9-4, 12-1, and 23-3), Monthly cable access TV show curated by Will Erokan, CA

2016  Arkitip Issue No. 0062, Arkitip x Ello Edition, CA

2016  Semiotic Recipes: Vol. II, Video anthology curated by Cryptic Carousel, NY

2016  Interview, Ed. Andreas Maria Jacobs, Nictoglobe Magazine, Amsterdam, NL

2016  Animated illustration, A Hacker’s Guide to Bending the Universe, Wired.com

2015  Semiotic Recipes VHS Compilation, Video anthology curated by Cryptic Carousel, NY

2014  Internet Feels VHS Zine, Video anthology curated by Sofachips, CA


2022  Music video for Matthew Ryals - debris fields (take 2), NY (link)

2019  Sound design for War Assistant - installation by Ronnie Karfiol for Deep Feeling: AI and Emotions exhibit, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Israel (link)

2017-present  Development of video encoding automation software, Paramount Global, NY

2017  Music video for Detatek - Ghost Dealer, LA (link)

2016  Editing and motion graphics for Standing Rock media coverage, IB5k, NY

2016  Promotional animations for Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft UK


2022  Collaborative A/V Performance as Reality Orp for MERCURALIA, Phase Space, NYC

2022  Video projections for Fireflies II by Augustus Arnone and Dorota Czerner, OPEN SPACE Encounters: Music from the Time of Renewal, Maverick Concert Hall, Woodstock

2022  Collaborative A/V Performance with Matthew Ryals, Littlefield, NYC

2022  Collaborative A/V Performance as New Delusion for HEXAFLORALIA, Phase Space, NYC

2022  Live video / projection mapped performance for Suzanne Ciani / Lori Scacco, Ambient Church, NYC

2021  Live Video Performance for MESMARIZE06, Trans-Pecos, NYC

2021  Collaborative A/V Performance with Hiro Kone for ARTIFACT, Atta Inc., NYC

2021  Collaborative A/V Performance for HYPERBOREALIS with Valeria Divinorum, Jonathan Sims, Max Coker, and Andrei Jay, Phase Space, NYC

2021  Live Video Performance for MESMARIZE05, Trans-Pecos, NYC

2021  Collaborative A/V Performance as New Delusion for Photon Playground, Phase Space, NYC

2021  TRVLR, Collaborative Sound/Kinetic Sculpture Performance with Testu Collective, MIKA, NYC

2021  Electromagnetic Environments, Solo A/V Performance for Ann Arbor Film Festival, Streamed online from NYC

2021  Solo A/V Performance, March 14, ChaShaMa Storefront Residency Space, NYC

2020  Solo A/V Performance with Spherical Balloon for Edge of Light, Plaxall, NYC

2020  Collaborative A/V Performance with Andrei Jay for Vidicon, Streamed online from NYC

2020  Recursive News, Collaborative A/V Performance for /’fu:bar/ Festival, Streamed online from Phase Space, NYC

2020  Solo A/V Performance for Interval II, Synesthesia, NYC

2019  Solo A/V Performance for SOLSTICE, Flux Factory, NYC

2019  Fugitive Dream Recovery, Collaborative A/V Performance for Télépresence III, La Lumière, Montreal, QC

2019  Solo A/V Performance, April 19, School of Art+Design, Alfred University, NY

2019  Solo A/V Performance for 6 Unusual A/V Sets, Secret Project Robot, NYC

2019  Collaborative A/V Performance w/ Killick Hinds, February 26, Robert C. Turner Gallery, Alfred, NY

2018  Solo A/V Performance for Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, Johnson City, NY

2018  Installation at Stull Observatory, Immersive audio-visual environment, Alfred, NY

2018  Solo A/V set and durational video performance, August 23, Trans-Pecos, NYC

2018  Solo A/V Performance, July 26, Secret Project Robot, NYC

2018  Live video / projection mapped performance for Malcolm Cecil / Steve Moore, Ambient Church, NYC

2018  Fugitive Dream Recovery, Collaborative A/V Performance for Télépresence II, H0L0, NYC

2018  Solo A/V Performance, March 3, Muchmore’s, NYC

2018  Solo A/V Performance, Jan 4, H0l0, NYC

2017  Solo A/V Performance, June 17, The Mudlark Public Theatre, New Orleans, LA

2017  Collaborative A/V Performance w/ Colby Richarsdon for Télépresence, La Lumière, Montreal, QC

2017  Collaborative A/V Performance w/ Roger Tellier-Craig and Alexander Moskos for Ibrida*Pluri Festival, Eastern Bloc, Montreal, QC

2017  Solo A/V Performance, Apr. 25, Flux Factory, NYC

2016  Solo A/V Performance, Dec. 29, Trans-Pecos, NYC

2016  Solo A/V Performance for Semiotic Recipes Release Show, The Park Church Co-op, NYC

2016  Solo A/V Performance, June 4, Torus Porta, NYC