2022.05.07  HEXAFLORALIA at Phase Space

Friday May 7 was our spring show at Phase Space! We hosted a delightful evening of multimedia art installations and audiovisual performances. We were really glad that the event was successful despite the sudden spell of bad weather that rolled past us that weekend. I did a live set with fellow Phase Space organizers Andrei and Irfan as NEW DELUSION, in which we performed acoustic instruments with live electronic processing, with visual oscillations on a modified Vectrex display. Cskonopka came down from Boston to play a powerful solo audiovisual set, and Insomniac Hotel played a beautiful ambient set with live visuals by ÉMU. We also had a video installation by Monica Panzarino, and a collaborative installation combining sound, glass, and light art by Valeria Divinorum and Camilla Padgitt-Coles. It was such an exciting confluence of creativity and community that I was honored to be a part of.