2021.06.29  TRVLR Collaborative Performance

On Tuesday, June 29, I participated in a collaborative multimedia performance with a number of fellow artists, musicians, and dancers. I performed live sound art in collaboration with three other parallel sound performances, as dancers activated the space around us with kinetic sculptures. Here is the concept from Testu Collective:

Inspired by seeing a performance of Marginal Consort, a Japanese improvisational collective, Testu is gathering a group of sound makers to create unique simultaneous soundtracks with custom-built instruments, sound-making devices and synthesizers. Each sound station centers around a modular sculpture that is activated by two movement artists.

‘TRVLR’ is about The Travelers, microscopic alien life forms found on meteorites that have journeyed from Deep Space to Earth. The concept focuses on the fictional telling of what their first moments on Earth would be like if we zoomed in; through movement, sculpture and sound.

  • Testu Collective (Serena Stucke & Dan Tesene)
  • Yoko Murakami & Maki Kitahara
  • Alec Fellman & Maria Takeuchi
  • Gabriel Mester
  • Paloma Kop