My piece, Magnetic Field Recordings, was screened in a room curated by Testu Collective within the Common Multiverse Initiative, a volunteer-run online event hosted by Currents.fm involving a constellation of artists around the world. 

Testu Collective are an intermedia art collective that creates experimental videos, concept soundtracks, and audiovisual installations/performances. Testu Collective’s curated A/V Room in COMMON MULTIVERSE INITIATIVE focuses on diversity of sonic and visual artists and a mix of analog and digital techniques. The audience is taken on a sonic adventure from lush field recordings to modular synth electro-scapes to brutal ambient. Visuals range from video feedback manipulation to otherworldly audio-reactive designs created in TouchDesigner to sci-fi landscapes created by cymatics. Their room featured performances by ÉMU + Insomniac Hotel, Im_pakt, The Josh Craig, Fernando Molina, Paloma Kop, Toru Izumida, Testu Collective, Chaka Benson, ACE + Detroit Bureau of Sound.

Visit our collective on Currents.fm at this link: