2018.05.04  VISIBILITY Exhibition in Buenos Aires

My work is included in this exhibition at the Kirchner Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which opened on May 4. The show features six female experimental audiovisual artists from different countries, including Blanca Rego (Spain), Modular Dreams (Brazil), Sol del Río (Argentina), AGF poemproducer (Germany), Sabrina Ratté (Canada), VJ Um Amel (Egypt), and myself (United States). It was curated by Milena Pafundi.

For non-Spanish speakers, here is a rough Google translation of the description: Visibility is a disruptive sample because it brings together the power of women's work in the field of audiovisual experimentation. It is about artists that are also the representation of many others that are out there producing and simply can not be seen, because we still have to deconstruct prejudices around minority women / trans / non-binary in relation to technology, art, and their presence in formal spaces: the works of women usually take place only on the internet.

More info here: http://www.cck.gob.ar/eventos/visibility_2693